Galerie am Brüsseler Platz wishes to continue improving and expanding its program
while offering talented artists who work intensively, creatively and independently of trends 
the support and exposure they deserve. To realize costly local and endeavors,
both individuals as well as companies seeking to support our young program are encouraged
to participate through sponsorship, long term funding and donations. Private individuals
and companies who have emerged as pioneers in their particular fields and who have become
models in society thanks to their forward-looking philosophies are encouraged to step forward.
Your involvement as a patron of the arts enriches the global arts and culture community.

Sponsorship Has Its Privileges!

All Sponsor Membership Levels Offer The Following Rewards:

  • Free Admission to Gallery events
  • Invitations to prestigious Gallery receptions
  • Tax deduction – Membership fees are deductable
  • Yearlong recognition of your membership in various Gallery publications
  • Opportunity to sponsor or underwrite Gallery exhibitions, competitions, events, publications and promotions

Higher Membership Levels Offer The Following Rewards:

  • A One time 10% discount on Gallery Art purchases each year
  • Partnership with a young, reputable community organization
  • Increased visibility to the public in a positive, community-oriented context
  • Recognition in the gallery newsletter, show announcements and gallery sinage
  • Name and logo on the gallery website and publications mailed to artist through internet forums
  • Annual recognition on web site as a gallery and or event sponsor

Sponsorship Options :

1. Gallery Exhibition Sponsor  – Monthly Events
Supports the ongoing gallery functions including promotion
and monthly exhibition expenses.


Program Overview
“NEXT N LINE”  is an artist scouting initiative where graduate art students
from across the Rheinland are selected to participate in an annual process
including the planning and execution of an exhibition in one of the
following cities: New York City, Miami, London, Basel and Hong Kong
during and around high-end Art Fairs.

Main points include:
1. This program functions as a spring board for new art graduates
by assisting them with their first exhibition in the international
Art Market community.
2. Handling the costs and logistics of transport and preparation for a professional exhibition.
3. Increasing sales opportunities for up and coming young artists whose work is believed to be
exciting and important.
4. Setting the stage for young artists to be introduced to active collectors.


Please contact the Gallery Director for more details to become an active partner.


Galerie am Brüsseler Platz
Moses Foster – Gallery Director
Office: 0221 716 10662
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