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Grand Opening Exhibition “Le Bloc” Jun. 02, 2012

On June 02, the Belgium Quarter known as “Belgisches Viertel” will be hosting the ever popular “Le Bloc” for the 4th time. Over 70 creative locations will be open to the public. There´s no wonder why the Belgium Quarter is highly recognized as one of the most exciting and innovative zones in all of Cologne for Fashion, Music, Design and Art.This year… we at Galerie am Brüsseler Platz, the newest gallery space to open in the area, would like to welcome you to celebrate and be a part of our first art exhibition featuring the works of Moses Foster and Zidan. We are so new… you won´t find us on the official program. We´re excited to keep secrets such as the name of our guest DJ. Surprises are everywhere… Come get some.

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