Galerie am Brüsseler Platz
Le Tour Belgique “ Open Gallery Night „
It´s Gallery Night in the Belgium Quarter

Photo :  ART KARLSRUHE 2012

Oliver Maichle & Mike Vegas / Cologne

After his One Man  show at Art Karlsruhe – 2012 , Oliver Maichle returns to Cologne and exhibits @ GABP
during Le Tour Belgique´s Open Gallery Night.  He speaks here about himself and his work.

Mike Vegas is compelled by the conversion of  a vision while executing his works of art to the maximum standards imaginable. His ideas are realized in a purist manner.

Galerie am Brüsseler Platz is proud to have Oliver and Mike exhibit with us and we look forward to future collaborations with them.








 Here is the line-up of talent for our event on June.02, 2012:
Galerie am Brüsseler Platz GRAND OPENING exhibition
LE BLOC – Fashion and Design in Belgisches Viertel

Muhannad Zidan and Moses Foster exhibit paintings together at Galerie am Brüsseler Platz.